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“…la ceramica è intimamente legata alla casa: e poiché ogni casa ha un’anima, quest’anima essa esprime”.

(C. Calò – fondatore della Manifattura Calò di Grottaglie)
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Lacapasa.com is your Online Shop of Apulian Handmade Ceramics.

We sell Apulian handcrafted ceramics for home decoration, interior lighting and table setting. We also offer prestigious gift ideas and elegant wedding favors. All the artifacts are made by master potters of Grottaglie, according to the strictly artisanal clay processing as established by the CAT brand (TRADITIONAL ITALIAN ARTISTIC CERAMICS). Lacapasa.com was also created to give greater value to ancient crafts that risk being lost due to the lack of generational change. Our task is to preserve as long as possible a historical-productive memory that still has a lot to offer to a large public of private admirers and professionals.

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MISSION and VALUES: why choose us

We combine the intent to preserve the local productive historical memory with the desire to update the ancient traditional forms and decorations, adapting them to contemporary living. We are the only online ceramic shop in Grottaglie. Our handcrafted ceramics express the soul of the home, the return to authenticity and slow living. Ceramic is a versatile, resistant and ecological material. Buying handmade ceramics means buying sustainable, respecting the work of the artisans, their precious knowledge and the production times that the raw material requires.

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Production and organizational structure:
from the shop to your home

We follow the production of the master potters on a daily basis, supporting them in their artisan workshops. We send photographic reports to the customer to involve him in the different stages of production. We establish direct contact with the customer guiding them towards understanding the intrinsic value of craftsmanship. This has generated trust in the brand over time and has allowed us to profitably manage orders for very demanding items that have long processing times. For items ready for delivery we draw directly from the warehouse of our suppliers.

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What we do: Services for our customers

  • Products are always accompanied by our guarantee certificate and the signature of the manufacturer
  • We take care of packing and packing operations with great attention
  • Production times varying from 10 days for products ready for delivery to 8 weeks for products made from scratch
  • We follow the traceability of the package until delivery in the hands of the customer
  • We develop customized and detailed estimates
  • Item customization service Gift and wedding favors packaging service
  • Secure payments
  • Tracked and insured shipments in Italy and abroad

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