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‘Grottaglie cockerel’ DISH SET

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CODE: A006

Minimum quantity: 1 set of 6 plates

Shipped in 4 weeks

Other tableware accessories with same decoration are available on request

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Service of dishes decorated by hand with the traditional cockerel of Grottaglie, ideal for setting a cheerful and informal table. The basic set consists of a flat plate, a soup plate and a fruit plate, available in series of six. Available on request other table accessories with the same decoration.

The cockerel is associated with the rising of the sun and the call of the vital forces of nature in driving away the darkness of the night. It represents the typical decoration of the Apulian folk art, often flanked by the five-petal blue floret on a white background.

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6 flat plates diam. 28 cm, 6 soup plates diam. 23 cm, 6 fruit plates diam. 22 cm, 6 bowls "Piattieddu" diam. 18 cm


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