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‘Jasmine’ DISH SET

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CODE: A011

Minimum quantity: 1 set of 6 plates

Shipped in 4 weeks

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Service of dishes with a contemporary style, which combines  the “green ramina” with ivory tones, like a jasmine plant with its luxuriant climbing pattern. The color contrasts become seductive on the large flat plate with a diameter of 28 cm, which can also be used as a subplate. Ideal for an autumn table full of perfumes or an elegant Christmas mise en place. You can have a “ramina green” flat plate, an ivory soup plate and an ivory fruit plate, each of which can be purchased in series of 6.

A set of hand-painted dishes is the ideal solution to set the table with charm and elegance, thanks to the extreme care of the decorative details. The terracotta plates enhance the presentation of dishes, as well as requiring a simple maintenance because they can be placed in the dishwasher, preferably selecting the program for washing crystals, and also in the microwave oven.

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6 green flat plates diam. 28 cm, 6 ivory soup plates diam. 22 cm, 6 ivory fruit plates diam. 18 cm


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