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TURRITELLA – Ceramic Lantern


  • CODE: F113
  • HEIGHT: 40 cm

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Artistic ceramic lamp inspired by the brown shades of Turritella communis, a fascinating Mediterranean shell. Made by hand with the fretwork technique. The asymmetrical geometry of the cuts rotates around the body of the lamp, creating magical plays of light. The warm color of terracotta warms the interiors making them welcoming. Consisting of an upper cap and a base cylinder complete with electrical appliance.

Our artistic ceramic lamps are an elegant piece of furniture to illuminate interiors thanks to the light that filters through the geometric cuts and reflects on the walls.

These refined lamps are the result of great technical mastery because they are modeled starting from the lathe and then finished by hand with the fretwork technique. Flowers, leaves, drops and geometric motifs are hand carved on raw clay to obtain small masterpieces of art.

The decorative motifs are inspired by the spontaneous flora of Puglia and cloak the interiors of the warm and dreamy Mediterranean atmosphere. The terracotta finish, on the other hand, warm the interiors, filling them with welcoming comfort.

These Table, desk or bedside lamps are able to enlarge very small spaces or create a reserved light point.


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